Felony Assault Second Degree

Client was investigated for felony assault for allegedly choking his girlfriend in a parking lot. He was charged and our office conducted an independent investigation. We located four witnesses that corroborated an assault did NOT occur. It was discovered the alleged victim was in a jealous rage and she was the aggressor. The prosecutor reviewed our witness statements and dismissed the case before trial.

Assault Fourth Degree Domestic Violence

Client charged with assaulting her boyfriend. Independent witnesses observed the incident and reported the case to law enforcement. Case dismissed after the alleged victim refused to cooperate with the government. See attached docket for information.

Felony Sexual Assault

Case was not filed after we uncovered electronic evidence contradicting alleged victims version of events. Law enforcement missed key evidence that exonerated client. Prosecutor’s and law enforcement officers are extremely busy and can overlook important evidence. Fortunately, Client retained our services and we preserved the evidence before it was destroyed.

Assault 4 Domestic Violence in Lynnwood Municipal

Client got into an argument with her boyfriend. She tried to leave the residence but he refused to give the car keys back to her. She grabbed the keys and scratched his face in the process. Law enforcement saw his injuries and she admitted scratching his face. She was charged with assaulting her boyfriend in Lynnwood Municipal Court. The other half of the story, that was not investigated by the police, was explained to the prosecuting attorney during intense negotiations. The case was dismissed. Click here to see court document.

Vehicular Assault

Client was charged with vehicular assault in Snohomish County Superior Court after he was involved in a one car rollover accident. A passenger was ejected from his vehicle and sustained a skull fracture. The police suspected our client was under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs. They attempted to locate a Judge but could not find one in a timely manner. The Detectives took a sample of his blood without a search warrant. Our investigation revealed that a District Court Judge informed police dispatch that she was available in five minutes to review the legality of the warrant. The Superior Court Judge ruled after a lengthy hearing that the search was unlawful and suppressed the blood test results.

Malicious Mischief Third Degree

Client charged with damaging property at a construction site. Client paid for the damages and the criminal case was dismissed against him. Click here to view the court document.

Criminal Hunting Violation

Client charged with improperly tagging an elk. Three day Jury Trial in Redmond District Court. Case dismissed prior to closing argument due to the Government’s defective complaint. Click here to see court docket.

Telephone Harassment

Client charged with threatening the alleged victim over the phone. Prosecutor agreed to continue the matter for 6 months and dismiss if no other law violations committed during this time. Case dismissed.

Felony Theft Second Degree

Client stole power tools from Home Depot. The charge was amended to a misdemeanor offense and deferred for 12 months. Case expected to be dismissed on 3/18/16.