Motion to Dismiss in King County District Court

My Client was erroneously charged with assaulting a taxi cab driver. The true suspect stole my client’s driver’s license and had similar physical features. He used my Client’s identification and address during the booking process at the jail. The police and prosecuting attorney’s office completed an investigation and sent a summons to my Client. After he retained us, we successfully convinced the Court and the Prosecutor that my client was not the person who committed the assault.

Theft Third Degree

Dismissed with prejudice.

Client shoplifted from a retail store in Lynnwood, WA. We negotiated a civil penalty with the store and they signed an affidavit acknowledging receipt of the payment and agreed not to oppose a motion to dismiss. We presented our motion and affidavit in court and the case was dismissed with prejudice. The Judge said “you now have a clean record and you should thank your attorney.” See attached docket for more information.

Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance

Client was convicted of felony possession of a controlled substance in 2004 and he lost the right to possess a firearm. We vacated the felony conviction and the Court signed an order stating “for all purposes, including responding to questions on employment applications, an offender whose conviction has been vacated…may state that he has never been convicted of that crime.” We also restored his right to possess a firearm under Washington State Law. See attached Court Orders.

Driving Under the Influence

Case Dismissed.

Case dismissed by Judge after a lengthy motion hearing. The law enforcement officer testified his dispatcher had conveyed information from a citizen about a possible DUI suspect driving down Interstate 5 committing multiple traffic violations. We secured the dispatch audio recordings during our independent investigation and surprised the Officer during his testimony in Court. The Officer’s testimony was significantly contradicted by the dispatch audio recordings and the case was dismissed. See attached decision by Pierce County District Court Judge.

Theft Third Degree

Case Dismissed.

Client had no other criminal history. Case dismissed upon completion of a Theft Awareness Class.

Reckless Driving

Case Dismissed.

Case dismissed and Client accepted a traffic infraction after our investigation and witness interviews revealed weaknesses in the City’s case.

Child Molestation

Client entered a plea of guilty to Child Molestation over a decade ago when he was 12 years old. We Petitioned the Court to vacate his conviction as he was no longer deemed a threat to the community according to his treatment provider, counselors, and other health professionals. The State objected and wanted him to remain a convicted sex offender. The Judge granted our motion and withdrew his guilty plea, entered a dismissal, and sealed the file.


Case Dismissed.

Client was charged with Assault 4th Degree for an altercation at a Lynnwood, WA tavern. Numerous witnesses and participants of the brawl created a chaotic scene for the responding police officers. Several bouncers were attacked and claimed to be victims of the assault. We asserted a self-defense claim and the case was dismissed before trial.