Legalizing Drugs in Snohomish and King County

The Snohomish County prosecutors have a new policy not to file criminal charges against people caught with less than 2 grams of drugs. The decision was made to reduce their heavy caseloads and to allow prosecutors more time to focus on serious offenses. King County has adopted a similar policy.

Not everyone believes this is a wise decision. The criminal justice system and the threat of incarceration forces people to make critical life changing decisions. Addicts are more likely to seek treatment when jail is hanging over their head. Some fear that the changes will lead to an increase in property crime and eventually could result in a rise in more serious offenses.

It’s a bold shift in policy but it’s worth the gamble. Let prosecutors use their resources on serious cases and give small time addicts a chance to avoid a felony conviction. Most addicts want to overcome their addiction and have made multiple attempts to do so. The new policy gives them a second chance at rehabilitation but social service programs need public support to avoid a shift back to mass incarceration.

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