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Essential Facts About a Robbery / Theft Charge

Washington State has a policy commonly referred to as “three strikes” and you are out. A person will receive an automatic life sentence if they are convicted of three separate serious felonies. Not all felony charges qualify as a “strike offense” but a Robbery conviction is a “strike.” A guilty finding can result in a lengthy prison term and negatively impact future employment opportunities upon release.

What is Robbery?

Robbery is defined as “the unlawful” taking of property from another person by a threat or through the use of force. A Robbery is classified as first or second degree depending on the alleged facts. A second degree charge is a Class B felony and punishable up to 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine. A first degree charge is a Class A felony and punishable up to 20 years in prison and a $50,000 fine.

A second degree robbery can be elevated to the more serious charge of first degree robbery if property was unlawfully taken AND the existence of one of the following:

  • Armed with a deadly weapon
  • Displayed a firearm or a deadly weapon
  • Inflicted bodily injury
  • Robbed a financial institution

Defenses to a Robbery Charge?

There are many defenses to a Robbery charge that can be asserted in Court. Below is a list of a few defenses that may exist in a case.

  • Dispute over Legal Ownership of Property
  • Rightful ownership of the Propety
  • Use of Force was Lawful
  • The Alleged Victim is Not Telling the Truth
  • No Use of Force Against Alleged Victim
  • It was a Theft, Not a Robbery
  • Intent was Not to Deprive the Person of the Property

It’s critical to meet with an attorney to learn your options and to develop a strategy. Not all robbery charges are alike and the outcome can have life altering consequences. We have advocated successful results following a Robbery charge to include:

  • Dismissed
  • Amended to Misdemeanor Offense
  • Acceptance into a Diversion Program (TAP)
  • Accepted into Drug Court

You need a dedicated attorney focused on the nuances of your case; an advocate who can highlight pertinent facts that make the difference between a prison sentence and a just outcome.

We can Fight Your Robbery Charge

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