New Hope to Erase Criminal Records

Most people are eligible to vacate a conviction under the New Hope law of 2019.

A criminal conviction can negatively impact a person, their children, and our communities. A criminal charge can deny opportunities for education, housing, employment, and even volunteering at schools. We believe every person convicted of a crime deserves a second chance to become a contributing member of our community.

Vacating a conviction clears a criminal record and allows a person to reintegrate into society without the stigma of a conviction. The Court withdraws the offender’s plea of guilty and dismisses the case. The Order will state that the offender can officially say for all purposes, including responding to questions on employment applications, that he has never been convicted of the offense. A conviction that has been vacated may not be disclosed or disseminated by a law enforcement agency.

However, you must meet certain criteria and petition the Court to successfully vacate a conviction. The Washington State Legislature removed several barriers by passing the New Hope Act. The Act was passed on April 3, 2019 and goes into effect on July 28, 2019.

The New Hope Act allows a person to petition the court to vacate multiple misdemeanors and felony convictions. It added additional felony offenses that can be removed if a person demonstrates they have been rehabilitated. The Act streamlined the process by improving the procedure for certifying a sentence was completed, lifting financial restrictions, and shortening the time period between the conviction and the vacate action.

When people who have proven they can be law abiding members of society, they deserve a chance to start over. Contact our Lynnwood law office to see if you are eligible for this life changing opportunity.