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Are you concerned that marks on your criminal record are unfairly coloring people’s opinion of you? If you feel that you are missing out on employment opportunities, being turned down for loans, or housing because of a criminal arrest, charge, or conviction, an expungement or vacate action may be the answer for you. At the Law Office of Michael P. Sheehy, PLLC, a Lynnwood criminal defense attorney has helped clients get their criminal record expunged and convictions vacated for a variety of offenses.

Expunged offenses include:

Attorney Sheehy personally handles every client’s case retained in Snohomish County and the communities of Lynnwood, Everett, Bothell, Marysville, Edmonds, Mill Creek, etc. We may be able to help you remove a criminal record and give you a chance at a new beginning. Your reputation is very valuable and there is no reason for potential employers, bank loan personnel, community members, or property managers to unfairly judge you based on a criminal background check.

Do I qualify for an expungement or vacate action?

Expunging a criminal record is different than vacating a conviction. An expunged record means the arrest report and file is deleted, but not everyone qualifies for one. A case cannot be expunged if it resulted in an adverse finding as defined by Washington law. Unfortunately, an adverse finding includes bail forfeitures, deferred sentences, and some cases that are dismissed. Consult our office to determine if you are eligible for an expungement.

However, you could be eligible to have a conviction vacated. The law permits you to tell prospective employers that you were not convicted of the offense and it will be removed from databases used during background checks. The eligibility requirements vary depending upon the criminal offense, how long a person has lived in the community “crime-free,” whether the conditions of probation have been completed, and other case specific issues. An Everett expungement and vacate attorney can go over what is required to file a successful motion.

How do I restore my right to possess a firearm?

It is important to understand that an order expunging, vacating, or sealing a criminal record is insufficient to restore the right to possess firearms. Generally, anyone convicted of a felony or a domestic violence charge cannot possess a weapon. It is a felony offense if you are near a gun or have one in your house or car. There are certain statutory requirements you must meet before a judge will grant your request to lawfully bear a firearm. Fortunately, the Second Amendment requires a judge to grant your request if you meet the requirement to restore your firearm rights. Our office will vacate the conviction and restore all of your constitutional rights including the right to possess a firearm.

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You deserve the chance at a fresh start and a Lynnwood expungement attorney at our firm may be able to help. Michael P. Sheehy is well-versed in all aspects of criminal law and knows how to get results when it comes to helping clients leave their past where it belongs-in the past.

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*Disclaimer: Michael Sheehy only restores firearm rights in Washington state.*