Case with Life Altering Consequences Dismissed

The Client was charged with Child Molestation and Child Rape. These are very serious allegations that could result in life altering consequences. We conducted our own investigation and discovered significant discrepancies in the evidence. The Jury was unable to reach a verdict and the case was dismissed. See the court docket here.

 Felony Violation Of A No Contact Order

The Client was charged with a felony for assaulting his girlfriend while a no contact order was in place. We used our private investigator and conducted a thorough, independent investigation. We discovered and interviewed critical witnesses that were never contacted by law enforcement. A careful review of the State’s evidence along with the results of our investigation resulted in a dismissal. See here.

Man Escapes Decade Long Sentence

A Lynnwood man was charged with Assault in the First Degree with a Deadly weapon and faced twelve years in prison for stabbing a person in the back. Read how he escaped a decade long sentence with a reduction to Assault in the Second Degree.

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Disorderly Conduct

Client charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly threatening a neighbor during a dispute. Case dismissed. See Court order for more information.

Criminal Trespass

Client charged with trespassing on Federal property by camping at a site previously used by other people. Our independent investigation determined a person at the site would not know he was trespassing because of the lack of visible signs restricting access to the property. Click here to see court docket.

Assault 4 Domestic Violence (DV)

Client charged with assaulting spouse who had significant mental health issues. Case dismissed after discovered alleged victim was arrested for criminal law violations supporting our theory of mental health issues. See attached docket for more information.

Assault Fourth Degree Domestic Violence (DV)

Client charged with assaulting a spouse. The accused allegedly admitted to the medics that she pushed the spouse off the porch steps causing a head injury. The medics reported the statement to the police and she was arrested. Statements made by the spouse, and to 911, the police, and to independent witnesses did not support the Governments theory of the case. After our investigation, it was determined the spouse was intoxicated and accidentally stepped off the steps after they exchanged keys to the front door. Case dismissed. Click here to view the court documents.

Assault Fourth Degree Domestic Violence (DV)

Client charged with assaulting significant other after a verbal disagreement. The alleged victim was in the door as Client tried to leave. There was a lack of an “intent to assault” and the case was dismissed. Click here to view the court documents.

Assault Fourth Degree Domestic Violence (DV)

Client charged with assaulting her boyfriend in a parking lot. Witnesses observed the assault and called the police. Law enforcement officers are required to arrest a person if they are responding to a (DV) call and they determine the primary aggressor within four hours of the incident. We explained to the prosecutor that the alleged victim had mental health issues and instigated the confrontation. Case dismissed. See attached docket for more information.

Felony Organized Theft

Client allegedly purchased stolen products for a significantly reduced price and sold it on the street for a higher value. The government conducted an undercover sting operation and purchased some of the product from the client. They also had testimony from convicted thieves that they sold stolen goods to the suspect. The legal issue was whether a person knew or should have known the products were stolen based on the discounted value and the circumstances.