Assault First Degree

Client investigated for threatening a “cable contractor” with a firearm after he discovered the cable driver’s vehicle blocking his parking stall. He was arrested and held on $50,000 bail. The case was not filed after a thorough, independent investigation was completed.

Assault 4th Degree Domestic Violence

Client charged with assaulting her Mother during an altercation at their residence. Our investigation revealed that the Mother’s statements in the police report were merely conclusory and not an accurate recitation of the facts or timeline of the events. Case dismissed.

Child Left Unattended

The case was dismissed.

Client was criminally charged with leaving his child left unattended in a motor vehicle. Our independent investigation determined that the child in the vehicle was left momentarily and was visible from the Client’s location. Click here to view the court document.

Assault 4th Degree

Case dismissed with prejudice.

Client charged with “ripping” off a blue tooth headset after an altercation in a parking lot. Click here to view the court document.

Assault Case Dismissed

Dismissed on first day of trial.

Client was charged with assaulting her boyfriend. He had visible scratches on his neck and claimed he was attacked during the course on argument. During the course of our investigation, we discovered several text messages to support our self-defense claim. The case was dismissed on the first day of trial. Click here to view the court documents.

Assault Fourth Degree

Dismissed before trial.

Client was charged with Assault Fourth Degree Domestic Violence for slapping his fiance during an argument. The fiance was contacted and she provided our office significantly different facts about the alleged assault. We conveyed this information to the prosecutor and he dismissed before trial. Click here to view the court documents.

Malicious Mischief Third Degree

Case Dismissed.

Client was charged with Malicious Mischief in the Third Degree for damaging property in a hotel room. He broke two phones, two lamps, a fire alarm, and a remote control. Client paid the replacement value of the property to the managment company. The case was dismissed after we filed an affidavit that restitution was paid in full. Click here to view the court documents.

Violent Offense

Client was facing life in prison for committing a third violent offense in Snohomish County Superior Court. Attorney Sheehy was able to get the charges reduced due to evidentiary reasons. Attorney Sheehy’s client was sentenced to 14 months.

Assault in Snohomish County Everett Division


My Client was charged with assaulting his cellmate inside the Snohomish County jail. The “victim” was in custody on domestic violence charges and claimed he was assaulted by my client over a mattress. We asserted a self defense claim after discovering other inmates witnessed the assault and supported our defense. The case was dismissed at the pretrial hearing. Click here to view court documents from this case.