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superb ratingThe criminal process begins with an arrest and booking where you will be formerly charged with a crime. You need to work quickly once you are charged with a crime, as the state is usually already well ahead of you putting together their case to convict you. When you need an aggressive Lynnwood criminal defense attorney who will work hard to protect you, call the firm to begin your case.

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What makes the Law Office of Michael P. Sheehy, PLLC stand out is Attorney Sheehy’s prior experience as a former Snohomish County Deputy Prosecutor. This means he understands how the prosecution thinks when pursuing a conviction and he can use this experience to outmaneuver them on your behalf.

Further, Attorney Sheehy has 22+ years of legal experience altogether which he can employ to avoid a conviction. He has handled countless cases successfully involving criminal charges because he has been practicing criminal defense exclusively.

Trusted & Experienced Snohomish County Criminal Defense

No matter what you were arrested for, an Everett criminal defense lawyer can build a defense strategy tailored to your needs. It is important to remember that an arrest is not a conviction, and the firm can challenge every detail of your charges to obtain the best resolution possible for your case.

No matter how serious your charge may seem, attorney Sheehy can investigate each part of your arrest to look for missteps made by law enforcement which can get your case dismissed. In addition to his experience, Attorney Sheehy has a Superb rating from Avvo, which means he has extremely positive reviews from former clients and maintains a high standing within the legal community.

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You have a right to a legal defense when you are charged with a crime and the Law Office of Michael P. Sheehy, PLLC can provide you with a tenacious defense. A Snohomish County criminal defense attorney can negotiate with the prosecution to have your charges dropped or reduced. Oftentimes, state and county prosecutors are reluctant to proceed against defendants when they know their attorney is persistent in fighting to protect them and discredit the prosecution’s case.

Even if a dismissal is not possible, the firm can work to reduce your charges and lessen the punishments. In all things, the Law Office of Michael P. Sheehy, PLLC strives to uphold your best interests!

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